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When is it necessary to prune a tree?

Pruning differs according to the tree. The pruning of a fruit tree is not the same as that for a correct fructification requires to be carried out every year, than that of an ornamental tree that should only be pruned when necessary. In Tree Service we want to talk to you about when it is necessary to prune a tree and why.

Naturally, plants do not need pruning, but we can do them for their own benefit, that is, ornamental trees do not need drastic pruning just because winter has come, but only maintenance pruning is performed according to the state of each plant.

When is it necessary to prune a tree according to the time of the year?

In general, the best time for pruning is late winter because:

  • Trees without foliage are found and allow to see branches better.

  • Growth is not affected because there is no need for sap production, as it is when it is in full growth stage (spring, summer).

  • There is no spread of certain fungi that can enter through the cut area

  • There are exceptions for trees that bloom in early spring, which should not be pruned until after flowering. Examples scent, flower plum, flower peach, jacaranda, judea tree...

Pruning types

  • Deformation

  • Of maintenance

If training pruning was not done and the tree was left completely free, it would surely have a little ornamental or "wild" aspect and that, in most cases, is not convenient.

Depending on the species, it will require more training pruning or less, for example, a spruce, a liquidambar or, in general, ornamental conifers need minimal pruning of this type.

Once we have the tree well formed, that is, with the crown at a certain height, with its main and secondary branches chosen and well arranged, it will be necessary to control during the growth of each plant, during the whole life of the specimen, if you need Pruning maintenance.

This pruning consists in eliminating undesirable elements such as dry branches, pacifiers, branches with risk of breakage, branches that hinder the passage of people or touch cables or buildings and clear the cup of excess branches. Hence the answer to the question of when it is necessary to prune a tree in Ocean Pines.

Why prune?

Since plants are made to grow well on their own, pruning means giving the plant an advantage to help it grow stronger and lusher. Pruning is also a way to treat and prevent certain diseases, typical of this is the pruning of dead branches.

In this way, considering that trees are also plants, we will not want them to die or suddenly to drop a branch that we had to have cut months ago (with the consequent accident that this can cause), it is clear that we must perform tree pruning, but then there arises the question previously answered when it is necessary to prune a tree.

Now that you know the importance of keeping your fruit or ornamental trees in good condition, and you also know when it is necessary to prune a tree, Tree Service offers professional pruning and removal work always with the greatest care and being responsible with your trees and plants garden. Trust us!

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