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Tree Services: Tools for working dead wood in Ocean Pines

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Autumn is here and it is an ideal time to work dead wood and in Tree Services, we will tell you how to do it! Working dead wood can significantly mark the character and appearance, without having to achieve tree removal.

You must treat the dry wood of each tree in a unique way, and that is why we provide excellent service at Ocean Pines. The dry wood of deciduous trees, and is very different from that of junipers and junipers. Then their shapes and colors too.

Tree Services: What are the basic tools to remove and reuse dead wood in Ocean Pines?

1. Concave pliers

Essential tool to obtain clean and tight cuts that heal easily. Its concave blades allow almost perfect cuts.

2. The formon and the hammer

These tools help us to break dead wood in those areas of flat or very regular cuts. They are also suitable and very useful for reducing large areas.

3. The division or pliers to divide the trunk

Very useful tool when we start making a Jin. Its sharp edges penetrate the branch and separate it longitudinally. Then, with Jin's tweezers we can tear and make the finish more natural.

4. The gouges

The gouges allow us to start modeling or designing dead wood and we handle this at Tree Services. Its different tips (oval, flat, round, triangular) allow us to create different textures, grooves and reliefs that generate interest in our dead wood.

Both when working with a chisel and a hammer, and when working with gouges, we record that the tree must be well fixed so that it does not move so much. Thus we avoid breaking the roots of the tree with the movements and the impact of the tools. Working with gouge, Chisel and the help of Jin tweezers allows you to do a more natural job and a more effective tear.

5. Jin or grafting knife

These sharp knives allow you to create initial surfaces in the Jin and carv

e them by removing the bark.

6. The sickle

The tool is a tool that helps us remove the bark and carve in hard to reach places and angles.

7. Jin's tweezers

Jin's clamp is used to bark and tear the branches and turn them into J

in. This tool achieves a cleaner and more natural tear surface.

8. Brushes for dead wood

These dead wood brushes usually come in a trio. A brush with nylon bristles, another with iron or aluminum bristles and another with brass bristles.

The brush with nylon bristles is used to remove green mold or to clean dirty dead wood from dust or dirt. Water is placed on dead wood and brushed, Tree Services offers the best for your trees at Ocean Pines.

Brass or iron brushes are used to create a more polished surface that is soft to the touch. They serve to remove the wood chips left in the jin or shari, once the wood has been torn to create them.

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