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How to choose the right moment for the pruning of trees in the community?

Summer is a season when it is very hot. High temperatures are widespread in most cities in Spain and people seek shade to protect themselves from the sun. The pool is the perfect ally during the summer months. Along with them, in the communities, there are usually trees that must be cared for throughout the year.

The right time to prune trees is winter. During the last days of winter, the people in charge of maintaining the common areas of a community have to perform the annual pruning. There are several reasons for choosing these dates to prune community trees:

  • During spring and summer, pruning would remove many leaves. The consequence would be that the amount of sap would be reduced and growth would stop and the tree would be weakened. There are trees such as maples, poplars and walnut trees, very present in neighboring communities, which lose a lot of sap if they are pruned in spring or summer.

  • Winter is the time of year when the branches are best differentiated. Therefore, the person in charge will be able to better select what he cuts and what he does not.

  • Fungi that can infect trees by taking advantage of wounds during pruning occur in a smaller amount.

How to take care of the community garden?

Not all trees need the same pruning. It is necessary for the communities to hire expert personnel like the one we have at LYMS to be able to keep their gardens in perfect condition. The different types of pruning that exist are:

  • Training pruning: It must be done in the years after the tree is planted. What is intended with it is to plan the growth so that it grows with strong branches and distribute them evenly. Fruit trees are the most grateful for this type of pruning since thanks to it they will increase their fruits and will be easier to pick.

  • Maintenance pruning: With it, those elements that can hinder the development of the tree and make it less attractive will be eliminated. They are dry branches or at risk of breaking, suckers or stumps. Likewise, it will serve to shape the crown, removing an excessive number of branches.

  • Topped: The objective of this type of pruning is to return the tree to the fortress. What the person in charge of garden care will have to do is make cuts very close to the main trunk. Another of its functions is to control the growth of trees that do not have much space.

With pruning, the care of the trees of a community does not end. Pests and diseases are present throughout the year. Prevention is essential. A preventive phytosanitary treatment should be applied according to the plague that may occur at each time of the year.

At Santa Maria Tree Services, we have a cleaning service at Ocean Pines. It includes maintenance of common areas and tree pruning. Ask us for a quote and we will inform you about the different possibilities without any commitment.

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