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Pruning of urban trees in Ocean Pines

We define "pruning" as the selective cutting of parts of the tree (branches and / or roots), based on its biological knowledge. In the cities there are native species, although there are also introduced ones, which require correct pruning practices.

In addition there are pruning and non-pruning species, the latter will be susceptible to pruning when:

• Require sanitary pruning.

• Interfere with the crosswalk.

• Damage to property structures.

• Winter is the best time to prune trees, as they are at rest they will lose less sap. It is a simple operation, but it is important to know how and where to cut.

In case of doubt, it is best to consult before submitting the specimen to an operation with irreversible consequences.

Technical requirements for tree pruning

Before starting any tree trimming work, the following should be considered:

• The plant species.

• Environmental conditions.

• Security measures.

• Pedestrians.

• Vehicle traffic.

• Air infrastructure.

• Urban equipment

• Other conditions that prevent maneuvers.

The personnel that will carry out the pruning work should review the following points:

• Cordon off and signpost the work area

• Protective equipment

• Machinery and equipment that is in good condition

• Tools to use

• Tree Pruning – Tools

We must also have the necessary tools to perform a good tree pruning are the following:

• Ropes

• Climbing chair

• Chainsaw

• Curved serrote

• Hand saw

• Pole pole

• Two-hand pruning shears

• Small and large hand scissors

• Eights

• Pulleys

• Gloves

• Helmet

• Glasses

• And Ear Protection

However, before starting any pruning work the tools must be disinfected with a 6% chlorine solution. This is in order to avoid spreading from one tree to another.

Allowed Pruning Types

Young Tree Pruning

First, training pruning should be started when in the nursery. Properly formed saplings will only require remedial pruning at maturity.

Therefore, this activity should start one year after planting, for 2 or 3 years, until the appropriate structure is achieved.

Mature Tree Pruning

It seems that the factors that we must consider for pruning mature trees are:

• Species

• Site

• Size

• Tree age

Since there are trees more tolerant than others to severe pruning. It is best to prune at the beginning at the beginning of its growth. Therefore, the wounds caused by the cuts will facilitate the formation of the healing callus.

Therefore, if the pruning is well executed, pruning can be carried out at any time of the year. However, for diseased trees they will not be pruned in the rainy season.

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