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Why prune trees?

Safety, health, aesthetics are the main reasons why trees must be pruned at Ocean Pines, although it is also done to stimulate fruit production and to make the wood healthier.

Pruning for safety involves cutting the branches that could fall and cause damage. It is also done so that there is more visibility on the streets of Ocean Pines.

Removing wood is the work of Santa María Tree Services

The reasons for pruning by Santa María Tree Services, for health reasons, involve removing wood that is damaged or diseased or infested with insects. When pruning, it also improves the health of the tree canopy as it improves ventilation and thus reduces pest problems.

When this task is performed, the tree is "healing", since eliminating broken or damaged branches heals the tree's wounds.

The greatest utility of pruning is to stimulate the development of a vigorous structure in trees and reduce the probability of weather damage. Removing broken or damaged branches helps heal wounds.

Another reason why this task is performed is for aesthetic reasons, because pruning tries to improve the natural characteristics of trees and encourage the production of flowers.

The shedding and ornamental prunings are extreme cases of pruning to create a desired unnatural effect. The shedding is the annual pruning of trees to remove all new foliage.

What is the purpose of pruning?

Pruning consists essentially in eliminating a part of a tree without damaging it, a shrub or a flowering plant in order to help nature in the direction and direction that are useful to man.

Gravita in the set of operations that are carried out directly on the skeleton or on the plant canopy in order to:

  • Modify and / or control size, limit plant growth

  • Form the plant and regulate the amount of flowers and fruits

  • Improve fruit quality

  • Regulate fruiting every year

When should we prune? Time and general rules for pruning

Two types of pruning can be distinguished based on their time of realization:

1.- Winter pruning: it can be done when the last leaves fall, until the end of winter when the buds are still at rest.

2.- Pruning “in green”: it is done in the fruit with leaves. Depending on the objective pursued, there are two different moments for its realization:

  • Late spring pruning: it is carried out only for the elimination of unwanted growths (pacifiers) that compete with the normal development of the fruit.

  • Fall pruning: it is carried out after harvest to increase the entry and distribution of light within the tree, and thus achieve better quality of fruit buds for the following season. It is also used to retain the growth of the crown, once the tree has reached the desired height and the corresponding space.

In the case of a family fruit forest, the management of the plants, although it should favor the production of fruit, is not as strict as the case of an extensive fruit tree. For the fruit trees of the family garden, we will consider then in Santa Maria Tree Services, some basic issues that improve their development:

  • Pruning should favor the entry of light and air into the entire cup, only the guide branches necessary to maintain the structure should be left.

  • Fruit plants should have a balance between the floral part (which will ultimately bear fruit) and the vegetative part (leaves).

  • Old branches and “pacifiers” should be removed, which are long, vigorous, slightly woody branches and with few buds that grow vertically, usually next to a cut or on sides of thick branches or from the base.

  • Form a not very tall glass that allows an adequate collection of fruit. For this purpose, thick branches that have taken height and / or bend the more flexible branches can be cut to retard sap circulation and generate more flower buds.

  • Do not allow very closed angles between branches (ideal more than 45º).

  • New branches that develop on one side and another of thicker branches should not be very close together (15 cm or more apart).

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