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The function of pruning trees and shrubs

Have you ever wondered about the need to prune your trees? I think so. All plant lovers know that pruning both trees and shrubs is a necessity. If you want to learn to acquire some knowledge of how to prune fruit trees, follow this article carefully.

Pruning can enhance the development of our trees or shrubs, as well as stimulate branching and flowering, or rejuvenate an aging plant.

How to ensure good sprouting with pruning

Pruning at the time of planting aims to promote the branching of the roots, if it is a tree or shrubs with bare roots, or the branches is a guarantee of good development for the plants in our garden.

Should we proceed differently depending on whether it is a deciduous tree acquired from bare roots or from a tree or shrubs acquired in root ball or container? Flatly yes.

How to prune deciduous trees

Deciduous trees purchased with bare roots should be planted between November and March. Pruning at the time of planting will affect roots and branches. Take advantage to suppress diseased, damaged or dead roots.

At the time of planting, dead or cut branches are cut. The length of the remaining branches is reduced by about a third, respecting the silhouette of the whole and balancing the volume of roots and branches.

How to prune rootball or potted trees

When we buy a tree in root ball or container (pot) we must limit ourselves to reducing the volume of the branches so that it is proportionate to that of the root ball, eliminating weak or damaged branches.

When it comes to shrubs with containerized flowers, they should not be pruned if they are planted before or during flowering. You have to wait for them to lose the flower to perform what is called flowering pruning.

How to prune a young tree or bush

In general, we must allow most of the ornamental shrubs to develop naturally, since by pruning the only thing we seek is to accentuate the natural shape of our trees and shrubs.

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