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How to identify if a tree is at risk of falling?

A simple and quick action can help improve the planet's environment. Starting by observing what is around us is easy, as well as learning to detect a problem that could affect others. Our acts can prevent tragedies, dislikes and even improve where we live.

In Santa Maria Tree Service we invite citizens to identify trees at risk in Ocean Pines, and if necessary, request the support of the company, at any risk sign.

Trees should be reported when:

  • Have a crash greater than 20 degrees.

  • There is cracking of the ground next to the tree or raised sidewalks.

  • Have dead branches, exposed roots, cavities or rot in the base.

  • If there is presence of pests and diseases.

  • They are close to power lines.

  • But it is also pruned to improve the sanitary conditions of the tree, as well as its appearance, structure and scaffolding.

Before starting pruning work, the conditions in which the tree to be pruned must be observed, taking into account the characteristics of the plant species to which it belongs.

In addition, environmental conditions, safety measures in relation to movable and immovable property, pedestrians, vehicular traffic, air infrastructure, urban equipment and other obstacles that prevent maneuvering with ease, cordoning off and signaling the work area should be taken into consideration.

Risks of pruning a tree

For many during the summer cutting or cutting down trees is not a priority and experts in gardening and botany point out that it is in the winter when in fact it is an opportune time to prune the trees, since they are inactive. While those who run this type of industry see winter as a season of low activity, the opposite is often the case and workers who are pruning or cutting down trees must take certain precautions to stay out of danger.

The need for tree pruning has increased this year throughout the state of Texas due to the unusual series of storms that have left a lot of damage in its path and has caused tree felling and cutting workers to have more busy seasons than habit. But whatever the case, the most important thing is to continually emphasize working safely.

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