We offer complete tree care, including tree removal, yearly evaluation, maintenance and cleanup  to preserve the health of your trees.

Tree Removal

Trees are a valuable part of your landscape, our ecosystem, and removal needs to be considered as a last resort. However, in many wooded areas like Ocean Pines, MD, if a tree is a hazard or diseased and dying, it does need to be addressed quickly to reduce the danger and liability.

Our team finds the best course of action to perform a Tree Removal service safely.


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Is licensed and insured, owner operated, reliable, courteous and staffed with industry professionals. There’s no job too big or too small, wether it be residential or commercial, contact us for a free estimate now! Don’t forget we will meet or beat any written estimate.We also have 10% discount for Senior Citizens, Fire Fighters and Police Officers… don’t forget to ask us about it.

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Tree Removal

Tree removal is a service that we pride ourselves on. Not because we like to tear down beautiful trees but because we have become so skilled, experienced and efficient at tree removal. Over the years our tree technicians have developed time tested procedures combined with our modern equipment that make things go very smooth. Trees fall for many different reasons. These could include:

  • Damage from weather (rain, snow, Ice, lightning, wind)

  • Death, disease, decay

  • Old age

Whatever the reason may be, were very confident that we can remove any size tree for you in any situation. We have removed trees and large branches from power lines, garages, roofs, buildings, cars. You name it, we’ve removed it. Our tree removal technicians are fully licensed and insured. By the way, were also insurance claim friendly if you’ve got storm damage.

Tree Services Maryland


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Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Wondering how you can make your trees appear exquisite throughout the entire year? This is achieved by hiring a SANTA MARIA TREE REMOVAL AND LANDSCAPING company to do tree pruning. The object of tree pruning is to make a tree beautiful and healthy. This is done for preventative or corrective measure. Depending on the situation, type of tree or season, pruning methods differ.

Remember, if you’ve got large trees; never try to prune them yourself. This is a Ocean Pines Tree Pruning Reasons job better left for professionals. You could fall or seriously injure yourself. A professional, licensed & insured Santamariatreeservices company will have professional climbers that spend all day in trees trimming and removing whatever necessary.

Trees may need to be pruned for a variety of reasons, these might include:

  • To remove storm or disease ridden branches

  • To reduce the overall height of the tree

  • To remove obstructing lower branches

  • To shape a tree for aesthetic purposes

Tree Services Maryland


Storms can cause full grown trees to be uprooted and broken and can result in property damage. We can ensure that the trees are trimmed or removed if necessary- safely and quickly.

You can also count on us for storm cleanup

Emergency Services

We Provide services as stump removal,Tree trimming,Pruning,safety crown,landscaping ideas,our company provide Quality services for costumer Need tree services Near any location in Maryland if Need our aborist is ready to met property owners at not cost  for estimate contact us any time