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Importance of pruning

Pruning is very important for the maintenance of our trees and shrubs, if done carefully and correctly. At Tree Service we want to talk to you about the importance of pruning in Ocean Pines and its surroundings.

Thus we free them from the oldest and driest branches and in the spring the new ones sprout rejuvenating the plant and giving it new life. Pruning is done in the winter months when the trees have thrown their leaves before they sprout again. It is very important that you make sure that it is done by professionals since an incorrect pruning can end the life of our trees.

Importance of pruning in Ocean Pines

Pruning is the selective felling of the parts of the tree that houses a definite purpose. The branches and roots are usually pruned, but there are other similar practices in leaves, flowers and fruits, to improve the production in fruit trees, which is also called pruning.

The purpose and importance of pruning is to have strong, healthy and attractive trees. These objectives can be achieved by knowing how, when and why to prune, just by following some very simple principles.

In summary, pruning is a combination of art and technique that is based on the biological knowledge of the tree and is carried out for the following five reasons: safety, sanitation, aesthetics, production and quality. Keep in mind that the relevance of each of the above reasons is distributed from highest to lowest priority. That said, the highest priority is given to safety pruning, then to sanitation and in the end to the other three. Even so, each of them must be taken into account according to the type of work we want to do.

Pruning reasons

The main reasons and the importance of pruning trees that have been mentioned in the previous section have specific characteristics. After ordering them according to their priority it is necessary to know the intention or objective of each one, so it is convenient to make a description of each of them to obtain a more generalized and detailed vision of the different reasons to prune.

  • Importance of pruning for safety: this type of pruning is the most common in urban trees and is often done in Ocean Pines and can be reduced considerably with good tree planting practices. You should know that this type of pruning should be carried out having a good knowledge about the execution of the same activity, as we do in Tree Services. Sometimes excessive pruning is necessary to minimize risks, which can give you the chance to save a damaged tree's life. Operators of the gardening service of many municipalities annually prune all the trees located in the town to prevent some branches from spreading causing damage to the community. In this way, the inhabitants of the area will show their satisfaction to see that the large branches are pruned, also because they can be a hindrance to many windows and balconies to reach large dimensions.

  • Importance of pruning for health reasons: this involves reasons such as removing sick or

plagued wood with insects, thinning the cup to improve ventilation, reduce pest problems or other reasons related to plant health. The greatest use of pruning is to stimulate the development of a corpulent structure in the trees and decrease the probability that they will be damaged by the inclement weather. Pruning the broken or damaged branches helps to heal the wounds caused to the trees so that later you can enjoy good health which will be appreciable in a short time. Sanitation or sanitary pruning aims to invigorate the tree canopy by eliminating the burden it has, by keeping branches useless. In some species such as poplar, willows or pines, eliminatory pruning of branches and terminal branches is practiced to eliminate outbreaks of pests or other causes.

  • Importance of pruning for aesthetic reasons: it tries to improve the natural characteristics of trees and encourage floral production. Pruning to improve the structure is especially effective with open-growth trees, which lose very little foliage spontaneously. Aesthetic or artistic pruning is practiced in public and private trees and shrubs. The appearance of the tree is the objective of this pruning, not only individual but collective, will determine the artistic picture of the landscape pruner while marking a certain type of landscape for the view of others.

  • Importance of production pruning: production pruning is particularly focused on fruit trees. However, they are also used to stimulate flowering and generation of vegetative shoots. It is very important to know this technique well since it will help to obtain more benefits to the worker who wants to improve the productivity of his trees.

  • Quality pruning: these focus on wood, especially forest trees, and in particular the quality of the piece of wood that we can obtain from a tree. The higher the quality of the wood, the more likely you are to obtain a good result from your pruning, the main objective of Tree Service.

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