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How to cut a leaning tree

Logging should be the last option for a tree, but in many cases there is no other choice but to prune it, depending on the conditions in which it is found. For example, if the tree has a disease that is irreversible, the phytosanitary report will need to clear it. Another of the most common causes is that the tree has a steep growth and may become a risk to people or other specimens.

If you are interested in knowing some techniques or recommendations on how to cut a leaning tree, read on!

Steps to follow to cut down a leaning tree

By the time the trees grow steeply, they begin to pose a risk to people. Therefore, it is very important to control the growth of trees since they are small, such as by using a mesh that surrounds the contour of the tree to correctly direct the growth of the tree or using wooden tutors to force the tree to Grow as straight as possible.

In the event that the tree is already tilted, it must be cut down. To perform this procedure, it is best to contact a professional so that it is done correctly. In Santa Maria Tree Services we carry out clearing and cleaning of the land, using specific techniques and machines to perform the task effectively, respecting the environment as much as possible.

Next, we mention some techniques that must be followed to cut down an inclined tree:

Plan the felling of the inclined tree

Before proceeding to logging, you must be clear about what tools to use and how it will be carried out, to increase safety. In addition, you should know if there are any major obstacles in the area, such as power lines, cars, buildings, etc. Finally, if you are near the street, use warning signs to avoid risks.

Keep in mind and check the direction of fall of the tree

The next point that must be taken into account is the direction of the fall, for this we must carefully study the tree and know what the branches look like, how they grow and the direction of the wind. For inclined trees, the direction of the fall will be indicated by the inclination itself.

If you are not clear about these points and do not know how to cut down a leaning tree, it is better not to carry out pruning and ask for help from a specialist. In case you decide to do the felling, clear the entire area, in all directions, so you will avoid serious risks.

Start by pruning the tree trunk

After clearing the area and knowing in which direction the tree will fall, you can start pruning the tree. Cut off any low limb that may get in the way of pruning and do not make cuts higher than your shoulders. Whether with ax or chainsaw, never stand in front of the tool, but on the side, and use the trunk as a barrier.

Consider the weather at the time of logging

It is best to choose a day without wind, rain and good weather, that is, neither too cold nor too hot, and also makes the felling when the tree has no leaves, so it will be much easier.

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